129 Seasonal,
Everyday Recipes

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With everyday recipes inspired by the seasons

and practical preparations, Anya Kassoff leads the way to colorful, internationally-flavored foods that delight the palate and nourish the body. This book encourages intuitive cooking by providing recipes for produce available at any given time of the year – there’s a veggie burger for every season, as well as seasonal grain bowls, salads, pizza, soups, breakfasts and more. Start your day with savory Steel Cut Oats with Rainbow Chard and Pine Nuts or a fruit-studded oven pancake; throw together a rainbow-colored salad or a Celery Root Miso Soup for lunch; enjoy Smoky Cauliflower and Black Bean Hummus Burritos or a Polenta Crust Pizza with Romesco for dinner; feed your sweet tooth with Sweet Potato Chocolate Brownies. This is fresh, fun, delightful whole food. 


"Simply Vibrant captures the kind of accidentally-vegetarian food we want to eat right now." 

Bon Appetit


"Simply Vibrant is intuitively organized and brilliantly executed. It illustrates how many of us are striving to eat these days: crave-able, template-style recipes with seasonal touches, simple techniques, and an underlying nourishing essence that reads as encouraging, rather than prescriptive. Anya’s approach starts with a deep-rooted reverence for what nature provides in all of its seasons—and in all of its sometimes neglected or wasted forms. The thoughtful uses for carrot tops, chickpea soaking liquid, and barley cooking water—like the rest of the book’s delicious plant-based recipes—speak to both virtue and pure enjoyment. This book inspires me to cook (and live!) with a deeper sense of care and appreciation."

— Laura Wright, author of The First Mess Cookbook



"Exciting, vegetable led food."

— Anna Jones, author of A Modern Way to Cook, A Modern Way to Eat and columnist for The Guardian


“Anya has the incredible ability to inspire her readers to cook, but more importantly, she helps them tap into their own intuition to create delicious meals in a more relaxed way. I love her emphasis on seasonality, and her creative approach to leaf-to-root cooking, using every ingredient to its fullest potential without wasting a single seed! This recipe collection is bursting with global flavors, unique ingredient combinations, and of course, vibrancy on the highest level.” 

— Sarah Britton, holistic nutritionist and author of My New Roots and Naturally Nourished



“Anya’s approach to food and the seasons always stands out as creative, inventive, and colorful. Simply Vibrant contains an abundance of inspiring recipes and clever tricks to add more nourishment and adventure to your everyday meals.”

—Amy Chaplin, James Beard award-winning author of At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen


“We are longtime fans of Golubka Kitchen and Anya’s creative and beautiful plant-based recipes. Her new book is jam-packed with healthy, flavorful, and simple recipes and lots of interesting suggestions on how to cook with the odds and ends of produce that usually are discarded—like making marmalade from watermelon rinds and risotto using broccoli stems. So clever!”

— David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl, creators of the blog Green Kitchen Stories